Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Project Title


Dailong Micro Hydel Project (2x50) Kw at Dailong Village, Tamenglong


Broad discipline


Multi-engineering discipline covering civil, electrical, electronics and mechanical engineering

Sponsoring Agencies


1)              S& T Council Division, DST, Govt. of India


2)              DST, Govt. of Manipur


Turnkey Agency

 Metronics India Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi

Abstract of the Project


The Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India has accorded approval to the development of the Dailong Micro Hydel Project (2 x50) kw, which is being implemented as a demonstration projrct by the Manipur Science & Technology Council (MASTEC) with the technical assistance of the DST, GoI, the Indian Institute of Science (I.I.Sc), Bangalore and Electricity Dept., Govt. of Manipur. Micro hydel power generation is a viable alternative to extension of grid lines in rural/remote /hill areas. To exploit micro hydel potential on large scale, it is necessary to develop cross-flow turbines suitable for (2x500) kw and more for installation on the river Zoulangpang, Dailong village, Tamenglong district, Manipur. Cross-flow turbine is designed by I.I.Sc. Banglore under a project of DST, GoI. Since the flow of the river varies significantly throughout the year, cross-flow turbine is an ideal option to meet the site conditions on such schemes.

Objectives of the project

1)    To design and develop the cross-flow turbine packages suitable for (2X50) kw capacities. The packages consist of turbines and electronic load controllers for a micro hydel station at Dailong villages.

2)    To study the problems of and set guidelines for installation, operation, maintenance and energy utilization associated with micro hydel units in remote rural hilly terrains. Micro hydel units are environmentally clean and eco-friendly suited to decentralized power generation.

Design parameters


Installed capacity


dailongpic13.JPG (140584 bytes)

Water flow on Zaulangpang River

dailongpic14.JPG (111698 bytes)

For bay tank site

dailongpic4.JPG (101833 bytes)

EM equipment for Dailong MH Project

Design head


Design discharge


Catchment area


Flood discharge


River bed width at site

5 m



Components of the Project

 The Dailong Micro Hydel Project comprises of

 1) Civil Work
                           a)      Weir cum Fore-bay tank including desalting provision
                           b)      Penstock laying (640 m)
                           c)      Feeder channel
                           d)      Power house building

 2)  Electro-Mechanical (E&M)

 a)       Design and manufacture of cross-flow turbines

 b)       Design and manufacture of electronic load controllers (ELC)

 c)       Design and manufacture of control panels, ballast loads and transmission network

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