Tuesday, 03 October 2023
Capacity Building on Geoinformatics, Geomatics &Capacity Building on Geoinformatics, Geomatics &Geospatial Technology (including drone technology) applications for NER by NECTAR.

NECTAR has launched four training modules on Geospatial Technology application to train and build students and unemployed qualified youths from North East region into professional resource person with the introduction to Drone awareness & certified Remote Pilot Training. It will enable them with better Job opportunities in both Government and Private sectors. Application of Drone based Geospatial Technologies have advantages in many different areas such as Agriculture, Urban Planning, Tourism, Insurance, Marketing, Mapping, Navigation, Disaster Management, and security etc., which providea better decision support systems for planning and development activities.

To initiate the same, the following modules have been organised: -

  • Module-I-Remote Pilot Certification & Licensing (RPCL): 5 days training on drone training organized by DGCA authorized RPTOs in association with NECTAR.
  • Module-II-Drone Awareness Training Program (DAT): 5 days training on drone technology awareness by I-Hub foundation for Cobotics (IHFC)- IIT Delhi.
  • Module-III-Drone Data Acquisition & Processing (DDAP): 5 Days full-time classroom-based training on Drone Data acquisition and Processing in various applications.
  • Module IV- Basics of GIS &Remote Sensing (GISRS): 10 days of full-time classroom-based training on Application of Remote Sensing and GIS.

The advertisement of the training program has been published in various newspapers of NER dated 19th March 2023. Detailed about the program, eligibility, course fee and terms and condition along with application format and schedule of the training program is enclosed in the Brochure and in the website i.e., www.nectar.org.in also.

Download Brochure                    Download Application Form