Monday, 12 April 2021

The Meiteis had their own system of religion, which had its own myths and legends, Gods and Goddesses, priests and priestesses, rituals and festivals, etc. though it was more or less akin to the animism of the tribals. The Meiteis embraced Hinduism in the 18th century A.D. The tribes of the hills remained unconverted and were relegated by the new Manipuri Hindus to the "degraded heathens". In the later part of the history, when Manipur fell into the hands of British Administrators, missionaries were brought in the hills. The first even conversion of Manipuri tribals to Christianity took place at Ukhrul (in the eastern hills) in 1894. American Baptist mission landed earlier at the Northeast and Southeast hills of Manipur. Roman Catholic mission became active in the 1950's. The Manipuri Muslims or "Meitei Pangals" were settled with their religion in Manipur Valley during the 17th century onwards. They are called "Pangans" as derived from Bengal (Bangan then Pangan) the place where they migrated. Meitei language was adopted as their mother tongue and they became an integral socio-religious component of Manipuri population.


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