Monday, 12 April 2021

The foregoing lines hint at a pluralistic society in Manipur structured on a multi-lingual base of civilization and culture. Description of all social taboos of different sections of the people will be beyond the scope of this work. Nevertheless, a brief overview of the general social norms of the people is essential. Caste stratification was not featured in the pristine form of Manipuri society. The existence of the seven salais (clans) was exogamous and not endogamous as in the Hindu caste system. Womenfolk enjoyed an equal status with men folk before the advent of Hinduism. "Sati" and "Pardah" systems were unknown. At present, families are patriarchal. Polygamy once common in earlier times has become less prevalent. Child marriage is absent. Widow remarriage is socially permitted. Women are hardworking and are seen in almost every field where men are. Wives are very much loyal to their husbands. Dowry does not constitute an essential feature in marriages.

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