Monday, 12 April 2021

Manipur assumes an isolated entity not only in its geographical setting but also in peopling by virtue of the land being the buffer zone between the Caucasoid-Dravidian belt of the west and the oriental Mongoloid belt of the east. Manipur has four main aboriginal ethnic groups viz., the Meiteis of the valley and the Nagas, the Kukis and the Mizos of the surrounding hill tribes. Incidentally, the term "hillmen" has the same connotation with "tribesmen. The "Pangals" (Manipuri Muslims) are the immigrants in the later part of the history of the land. Anthropometrically, the Meiteis and the hillmen are characterised by short stature, mesorrhine, mesocephalic (or brachy cephalic) and leptoproscopic face. The Pangals on the other hand have long face, mesorrhine, dolicho-mesocephalic head forms. The Meiteis are of Mongoloid stock with a high percentage of Aryan blood. The original settlers of the land speak a number of languages and dialects, which have linguistic affinities.

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