Wednesday, 29 May 2024

Technology Business Information System (TBIS)

Technology Business Information System (TBIS) is an information referral system to provide a single window service to various parties viz., technology generators, technology traders, technology users and financing institutions at a time together with a purpose to cause a synergistic boost of technology pushed industrial activity at all levels. TBIS is an outcome of the project,"Development of Technology Demonstration and Dissemination System" funded jointly by the Department of Science and Technology(DST) and the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research(CSIR), Government of India. The project was launched in December 2000 and the present database forms an updatable information package of TBIS .

Components of TBIS:

A Computerised data referral system.
A Website.
Publications in the form of occasional papers and handouts to guide the clients in the area of technology driven industrial development in Manipur.

Project Objectives:

Assessment of technology requirements in all the developmental sectors in Manipur.
Inventorisation of the existing infratechnologies in various occupations in the state.
Data referral system for available technologies developed by CSIR, DST and several other establishments for dissemination to potential technology users in the state.

Project team:

Dr. R.K.Shyamananda Singh, --Project Leader,Executive Director, MASTEC
Dr. L.Dinachandra Singh-- Deputy Project Leader, Scientific Officer, MASTEC
Shri O.Rabi Singh--Project Scientist

Website Content Committee:

Shri A.R. Khan, Commissioner(S&T) and Industry, Govt. of Manipur.
Shri. Y. Surchandra Singh, Director, Planning Department, Manipur.
Shri Oinam Biren Singh, Director, Economics & Statistics Dept, Govt. of Manipur.
Shri Dhiraj Yumnam, Addl. Director, Commerce & Industries, Manipur
Shri Amar Yumnam, Professor, Economics Dept., Manipur University
G. Brahma, Branch Manager, SIDBI, Imphal.
Shri Kh. Rajen Singh, State Informatics Officer
Dr. R.K. Shyamananda Singh, Executive Director, MASTEC


Dr. H.R. Bhojwani, Head, RPBD and Dr. A.K. Verma, Advisor; Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Government of India
--for financial assistance to the project.
Dr. Laxman Prasad, Advisor, Department of Science & Technology,(DST) Government of India
--for financial assistance to the project.

National Informatics Centre (NIC), Manipur State Unit, Imphal --for hosting of the Website.