Saturday, 15 June 2024


The project is sponsored by DST, Government of India, New Delhi

Principal Investigator: Member Secretary, MASTEC


It is well known that artisan pottery today suffers from poor productivity due to obsolete tools/techniques /processes, shrinking market, competition from non-clay industrial products and finally the poverty related inability of the artisans to escape this vicious cycle. On the other hand, skilled potters are functioning throughout India constituting a rich human resource base. And common clay being one of the cheapest raw materials available holds tremendous potential for development of different products.


  1. To bring about an overall improvement in the productivity and quality of existing rural pottery which are unglazed, porous and fragile.
  2. Diversification of Product Range especially in the production of Glazed Terracotta for creating new avenues for sustenance of rural potter in the country.
  3. Transfer of Technology Package to the village potters for the overall benefits of rural potters.


  1. Three Artisans on Modernization of Pottery at CGCRI, Kolkata.
  2. Five Trainees on Manufacturing of Chulah Liner at CGCRI, Khurja Centre, U.P.
  3. Five trainees on "Studio Pottery" at CGCRI, Khurja Centre have been completed

CGCRI, CSIR -MASTEC joint project

While implementing the project at Thongjao, CGCRI, Kolkata was tied up for technical support. Meanwhile, CGCRI out of its own tied resources has started taking up two pilot projects at Nungbi and Thongjao in co-ordination with MASTEC. The CGCRI has constructed one workshed at Thongjao village on MASTEC plot in addition to the workshed already constructed by MASTEC for the existing project. One more workshed and a Kiln House have been constructed for Nungbi Pottery in Ukhrul District.

Household survey of the potter beneficiaries of Thongjao village has been completed.